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Customer Testimonials

Email from Alison

Hi Jeanette,

Just to let you know the two trays arrived safe and sound – thanks for the scoop too!!! My three Ragdolls are happy at last, no more wet paws and sneezing from the wood shavings as it dissolves. What a brilliant litter tray! The litter was good on its own but now in its proper tray it is nothing short of brilliant!!! With three large ragdolls – the biggest male being 7.5kilos -this is a great tray for them as it is nice and deep and plenty of room for moving around in and keeping my house not smelling of cats is a priority for me!!!!

Thanks again for a great product and an excellent service. Here are my babies on top of the baby grand piano!! (cover in place to keep it from getting scratched!)


Alison, Fleur, Bijou and the mighty Claude

Email from Laraine

I would like to tell you how pleased I am with your pet litter and sieve tray system.

For my 6 year old cat we used a cat litter dome and ……………… cat litter. However, when we welcomed another kitten into our home last year he was very fussy about his litter tray - didn't like to get his 'feet wet' - so once the litter was a couple of days old he would seek other areas in the laundry to be his 'toilet'.

This led us to seek alternatives and discover Oz Pet litter. The system is terrific - I shake (sieve) the litter a few times a day and twice a week I wash both the lower tray and the sieve tray and put back the dry litter which was in the sieve tray and top up with another handful of the litter. The wet litter in the lower tray can be emptied onto the garden, so no more clay litter being put in the garbage.

We no longer have wet, smelly litter, our kitten is happy to use the litter (and our 6 year old adjusted to the new system with no problems), the litter tray is much easier to clean (saving time), and we are also saving lots of money. We bought a large bag of the litter which will last for a long time - much cheaper than even ………………. cat litter.

Thanks for such a great system.


Email from Lanie

I have been a cat breeder for the past 26 years. We are from Uledo Cattery - breeders of Devon, Cornish, Selkirk Rex, Abyssinian & Somalias. We have Scottish Folds, Munchin and an Exotic - approximately 70 cats in Total.

About twelve to fourteen moths ago I was introduced to Oz-Pet litter and bedding at a cat show. I was a little interested, thinking it would more than likely be like all the others - upset my asthma and again the cats would gang up and not use it.

I ran out of litter after doing a double shift at work and decided to try this Oz-Pet litter in the three kitten pens inside…... I tried Oz-Pet litter in all the other 27 runs. The smell of stud cat is nowhere as noticeable as it used to be. I find that there is not a cat urine smell, it doesn't affect my asthma and I've cut down on the use of my nebulizer.

I have not had any sore eyes or respiratory trouble in my cats from the use of Oz-Pet Litter.

I like the way it doesn't stick onto the bottom of the litter tray.

By using Oz-Pet litter I have cut my work down by a good 50%. I have had a council inspection and they were impressed by the lack of odour from my litter trays. I would have no problem in recommending Oz-Pet to anybody for the health of yourself and mostly the cat's health.

My entire cattery uses Oz-Pet litter and I believe this is the best litter and easiest to use that I have found. I mainly like the non-odour from Oz-Pet litter. This is very important when I have so many cats in a residential area.

The Oz-Pet sieve litter trays are good to use, I have two I use inside. I place a hand full of litter in the bottom of the tray and about 5cms of litter on the top tray. This works well. I empty the bottom tray daily and the top one weekly - still no smell!!!!!!

Again, I'm very happy with Oz-Pet litter.

Lanie Abbot Uledo Cattery

Email from Joanne

email 1

Hi, I was just enquiring about your product for the litter tray. At present I am using the paper pellets, which is a paper pulp, which looks like your product in the pellet form. Unfortunately, because of the rat's wee it swells and does not hide the smell. My sister, who lives in Coffs Harbour, highly recommended your product and said it is the best she has ever used for her cats litter tray.

I live in the southern highlands close to Bowral and Mittagong I wanted to know if you had someone down this way who sells your product. I hope you don't mind me asking but I was wondering if you could send me a small sample so I can try out to see how it goes before I purchase a large quantity, as I do like to change the litter and clean the cages once a week.

I was told with the ………………..that I don't need to change the cage for at least 2 to 3 weeks but I feel this is a little too long and like to do once a week unless they get too smelly and then I like to change it sooner. At least with the rats they don't have the same bad odour as mice so I guess that is a blessing anyway. I will await your email and if you are able to send me a sample my address is ……………….., Hill Top NSW 2575.

Thanking you Joanne

email 2

It was my sister who put me onto your product. She found out from a lady who lives near her in Sandy Beach, near Coffs harbor. She has a cat minding business and she uses it in her pens and finds it is great because it seems to eliminate the smell problem of the cats she keeps in care. She gave my sister a sample to try and she has found it great too. Even though I have rats, which are really my children, we will see how it goes with them. Thank you for all your help it is very much appreciated take care and be in touch soon, ta, Jo.

I will await your email and if you are able to send me a sample my address is ……………….., Hill Top NSW 2575.

Hi Rod, just letting you know that I received the product on Friday. I changed the cages that night and it is four days on and there is still no rat smell happening. I think I have found a winner. I will contact you again in a few days to let you know how I am going like a progress report.

Thanking you

email 3

Hi Rod.

Thank you so much. I spoke to Sharon this morning, who has the flu really bad, and I will pick up the 20kg bag of Oz-Pet from her tomorrow. Thank you for all your help.

Your product is the best I have ever used for the rats, and believe me, I have used plenty of different ones. I don't know what it is about it but when I go into the girl's rooms, that's where they live in their cages, I don't have any smell. All the other litters I have tried start to smell after about 3 days, but with your product, I can leave it in the cage for up to 3 weeks and have no smell at all. It is really great! I hope that more people learn about your product, its excellent.

Thank you once again and best wishes for the future with your product and business.



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